Industrial Wastewater Treatment (IWWTP)

////Industrial Wastewater Treatment (IWWTP)
Industrial Wastewater Treatment (IWWTP) 2018-03-02T08:46:41+00:00

Industrial Wastewater Treatment (IWWTP).

Industrial wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat industrial effluents and the by products of commercial activities. The selective process is dependent on the source and nature of the effluent and the contaminants of the waste stream. Conventional and membrane waste treatment processes can be part of the iwwtp; however, specialized process units and chemical treatment systems may be required depending on the wastewater characteristics.

Aqua dynamic specialized in providing turnkey solutions for designing, procurement, construction and upgrading of industrial waste water treatment plants. These wastewater treatment plants can be streamlined for different stages of treatment such as aerobic treatment, extended aeration, activated sludge process, etc.

Our team engineers work closely with the clients to ensure high efficiency and reliability & to provide
cost-effective solutions for their specific need.